Man builds candy-shooting cannon, robot to keep trick-or-treating alive

This isn’t your father’s trick-or-treating.

As the holiday draws closer, people across the country are still asking what Halloween will look like this year. Some areas have discussed canceling events like trick-or-treating, while it appears that others are looking to invent new ways to keep the tradition alive.

Luke Keyes still plans on giving out candy to trick-or-treaters this year, even if he has to go high-tech for his solutions, KVUE reports. The Austin, Texas, resident has reportedly built multiple devices, including a candy-delivering robot, to celebrate the holiday.

Keyes spoke with the news outlet, saying, “Right now we probably don’t want humans to hand-deliver candy, so why don’t we use a robot for it?”

Aside from the robot, which he says he started working on eight years ago (for non-trick-or-treating related reasons), Keyes also built a candy-shooting cannon that fires candy a socially distant six-feet.

“I love trick-or-treating,” said Keyes. “To me, I like trick-or-treating a little more than Christmas because at Christmas you give gifts to your friends and family; Halloween, you give gifts to everybody.”

Keyes isn’t the only person looking to give Halloween an upgrade due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News previously reported that YouTube channel Wicked Makers designed and built a candy slide, which is exactly what it sounds like. One person can stand at the top of the slide and drop candy down to someone standing a safe distance away.

The spooky prop was made by combing PVC pipe with cheesecloth, paint and some skeleton decorations to give it an appropriate look for the Halloween season.

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