Homeowner films giraffe toy falling after asking ‘spirits to knock it over’

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A man has captured a sinister encounter when he asked "the ghost " in the house to knock over his giraffe toy.

Reddit user ProjectBAD said he has been experiencing paranormal activities in the house and he decided to take evidence of it.

He said: "I’ve been telling people for months things happen in my house I can’t explain.

"And I started filming my house and caught this. I have videos of orbs and a voice saying hey. But this made my day haha.

"Totally freaked out my girlfriend as the giraffe has yet to fall over days later."

In the video, he places a few objects on the table including a water bottle, a balloon, a stuffed bear toy, a HOME decor and also a wooden giraffe.

Seconds later, the giraffe toy falls and nothing else on the table move.

His pet dog scurries past the screen under the table and the man yells "yes" before turning the camera to himself.

The user explained in the description: "Asked the spirit in my house to knock over the giraffe.

"I trimmed the video down from three minutes for y’all. I was pretty excited.

"As activity has been flaring up lately. No strings or anything just a straight response from the other side!"

Viewers were shocked by his reactions. While some worried that the ghost could be harmful to him, others wondered how a spirit could understand what a giraffe is.

One said: "Your response alone makes me believe this haha the amount of relief you can hear after it’s on camera feels very genuine."

A second viewer wrote: "It’s awesome when they come through crystal clear like that."

"Pretty sure this is fake. How would a ghost know what a giraffe is," a third argued.

The user, however, claimed that he has three "spooky" orbs following him around the house and one room is always cold.

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