BT broadband boost: Some lucky customers set for big improvement and it’s free, for now

BT customers could soon see a much-improved internet connection. The telecoms company has confirmed that it will be running a test towards the end of this month which is aimed at making its service much more reliable.

As spotted by the team at ISPreview, some BT customers have started to receive a message asking if they would like to take part in a trial, which will bring some new internet-boosting hardware into their homes.

In the message, BT states: “As part of the trial, we may provide you with a new Hub and/or an additional piece of equipment to use with the Hub. As well as the extra equipment, we’ll also cover the cost of your entire bill for the duration of the trial, subject to you filling in a few surveys when asked.”

So ,what is this new piece of tech from BT?

Although nothing has been confirmed it is thought BT could be planning to launch a redesigned Mini Hub, which helps to keep customers online even when their main broadband connection is lost.

This is currently offered as part of BT’s premium HALO package and uses the 4G mobile network to keep homes online 24 hours a day. The updated Mini Hub could bring faster speeds and into homes and also allow more devices to connect to it at the same time.

ISPreview is also speculating that this updated device might even be able to connect to the web using 5G which could actually make it faster than fixed-line broadband.

The current UK average speed is around 50Mbps, but 5G is able to whizz the web around homes at over 300Mbps.

EE is leading the way with this technology and with BT now owning the UK network it could be the perfect time to launch a Mini Hub with this technology. It’s worth noting that BT has not given any hint that 5G is coming to its in-home hubs.

Confirming the upcoming trial, a BT spokesperson told “As the UK’s largest broadband provider, we are constantly looking at new ways to provide the best experience to our customers, and occasionally we invite a small number of them to test potential new services.

“We are unable to share further details on this specific trial at this time, however we can reassure all our customers that we will continue to review new, innovative ways to deliver them the best connectivity, and that they will be amongst the first to know of any new exciting products we intend to launch”.

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