UFOs seen near Nellis Air Force Base which is home to aliens, conspiracy theorist claims

On the evening of September 15, strange dots of lights appeared near the Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. A video of the event shows a series of bright dots fluttering in the night’s sky, leaving onlookers stunned.

Approximately five lights can be seen in the video, which, according to the witness, was followed by Air Force jets being deployed when the footage stopped.

A witness of the event reported the sighting to the UFO investigation network MUFON, saying: “At about 8.45pm on September 15, my oldest daughter sent me this video showing several objects over Northern Las Vegas.

“She stated that there was approx 10 of these slow moving, flashing lights north/north east of their house in Vegas.

“In the video, I was able to see 4 or 5 of them. She also said that there was a helicopter flying around which you can clearly see in the video towards the left of the screen.

“She said that shortly after this event, there was several Air Force jets that were heard flying around and over the house.

“She also told me that it appeared as though the sky got lighter also, but I could not make that out in the video.

“The lights are pretty obvious in the video, but they appear lower on the video, near the tree in the foreground.”

Alien hunters were quick to offer their two cents on the sighting, with prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring stating there is an alien base near the Nellis Air Force Base.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “Now these sparkling UFOs in the sky above Las Vegas are a bit hard to see. Its best to make the video full screen to see them.

“Also the UFOs do sparkle, so the lights are fast and you may need to pause the video to actually see some of them.

“A strange sight to see for sure, and so close to Nellis AFB. Nellis AFB is the location of an alien base behind their old shooting range.”

However, the lights in the video could be attributed to more logical explanations.

Due to the fact it was spotted near a military base, the lights could be helicopters or planes.

Similarly, they could be something much smaller such as Chinese lanterns.

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