Man spooked after front door ‘unlocks itself’ sees ‘shadow’ on doorbell camera

A man was left petrified when he stayed up late at night to find his front door appearing to unlock on its own – and discovered something even spookier on his CCTV.

Jake shared the video on Reddit and asked for viewers' help to see if paranormal activity was at work.

He said in the post: "So the night before this video was taken my front door unlocked itself (with a deadbolt) and was wide open.

"The next day I go buy this camera. Then we get this video, where you can hear my door unlocking again but nobody is there.

"But you can see a shadow figure appear and unlock my door?"

The doorbell camera shows his covered porch area and seconds later, a faint shadow reflected on the right side of the brick wall is seen moving left and right.

Soon after, a sound that appears to be the turn of a key can be heard.

The front door, however, remains closed and the lights went off after.

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  • To make things even spookier, Jake said he checked around the house and confirmed that all his roommates were sleeping with their doors closed.

    The video was upvoted 72% on Reddit, where viewers concluded that it appeared to be more human than paranormal.

    One viewer was worried that there might have people hiding in the attic and sneaking out while Jake and his roommates were sleeping.

    "I'd be more worried about someone finding a way to sneak inside the house?" he asked. "Is there a basement or attic? This seems human rather than paranormal."

    Another one questioned: "Have you done any checking up on the history of the home? Such as the previous residents?"

    Jake said he has been living there for three years and added: "We have an attic but only can get in through the garage which there was a car parked under the stairs so nobody could pull it down."

    He also said he would install another camera inside the house to capture any odd movements during the night.

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