This Guy Spent 2 Months Setting Up the World's Longest Trick Shot in His Yard

Now this is the trick shot to end all trick shots. GoPro Awards recipient Cree Ossner created a Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine that starts with a free throw and ends with a hands-free slam dunk. But the real magic of the masterful machine is everything that happens in between.

Ossner reportedly spent two months building the 70-step chain reaction machine, which took up the entirety of his yard. He calls the contraption The Swish Machine. And it’s easy to see why.

To the untrained eye, the machine looks like a pile of trash. But once Ossner makes a free throw, the chain reaction starts—and lasts for a full three minutes. From traffic cones to matchbox cars to trampolines, this Rube Goldberg machine has everything. Somehow, it all works together to achieve the ultimate goal: launching a basketball down a hill and into a hoop. Just watching the final product makes you think of all the frustration and failed attempts that likely went into making this thing tick.

Ossner’s documentation of his machine’s function was filmed using a GoPro, which is why the master inventor was the recipient of a GoPro Award. GoPro Awards are given throughout the year to GoPro users who submit their best footage to the brand. Winners get a monetary reward, promotion on GoPro’s social media, and, of course, bragging rights.

Marvel at the full video below and start gathering up your garbage to make your own chain reaction machine:

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