TikTok enlists Rachel Riley and English Heritage for education drive

TikTok enlists Countdown presenter Rachel Riley to teach maths and English Heritage to show off historic monuments as part of a new education drive during the coronavirus lockdown

  • TikTok’s campaign is part of an £11.5million drive to invest in children’s education
  • English Heritage is planning to post tour of Stonehenge on Friday and livestream
  • Beijing-owned company will play host to many short-form and learning videos 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

TikTok has launched an education drive to kick-start children’s learning during the coronavirus lockdown by asking experts in maths, health, history and other subjects to post ‘video lessons’ that are up to 60 seconds long. 

The social media platform’s campaign, dubbed #LearnOnTikTok, will see the likes of Countdown presenter Rachel Riley teach maths and charity English Heritage detail some of its 400 historic monuments.

The University of Cambridge will also instruct users on science and research, while GP and bestselling author Dr Rangan Chatterjee will post videos about health and wellness.

More than £11.5million has been invested in the campaign by Beijing-based owner ByteDance, which will also see design technology, cooking and art subjects covered by the platform. 

TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, is investing £11.5million in children’s education

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has been enlisted by the platform to teach maths

How do I view the video lessons?

Anyone can view the up to 60 second videos on TikTok’s social media platform. 

You should make an account if you wish to follow users for the latest updates.

All videos are free to view on TikTok and will not be placed behind a paywall. 

Charity English Heritage will be one of the first to post educational clips, with a mini-guided tour of Stonehenge on Friday before livestreaming the summer solstice on Saturday morning. 

Its social media manager, Martin Jefferies, told the BBC: ‘We think that TikTok is a safe space to explore stories that matter most to young people, so things like black history, LGBTQ stories from some of our sites, women’s history as well.

‘It feels like a very safe, welcoming environment.’

British actor Sean Sagar will also post videos on auditions, and Dr Julie Smith will focus on alleviating stress and anxiety.

Dr Chatterjee, who has often appeared on television, said: ‘People are time poor – condensing health and wellbeing advice into bite-sized chunks makes it easier to engage with and more likely to be applied.

‘I have always been an advocate of small changes making a big difference; you can change your life in five minutes, you can certainly learn something new in less than a minute.’

Rich Waterworth, TikTok general manager for the EU, said: ‘Whether you’re a working parent, a job-seeker, or simply a curious mind, we believe that short-form video is the perfect format for people to continue learning in a way that accounts for the busy lifestyles many of us lead today.’ 

TikTok counts more than five million users in the UK, alongside millions more internationally.

What short-video classes will be available on TikTok?

British history: Charity English Heritage will upload videos from some of its 400 monuments. On Friday they plan to upload a video of Stonehenge, and then livestream the Summer Solstice on Saturday.

Science: The University of Cambridge will be sharing research videos with interesting or surprising facts, finds and information.

Maths: TV presenter Rachel Riley will be uploading videos.

Health: Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a bestselling author who has previously appeared on the BBC, will be creating videos about health.

He will be joined by Dr Julie Smith, a clinical psychologist, who will upload videos teaching children how to alleviate stress and anxiety, and promote happy and healthy habits.

NHS surgeon Dr Karan Raj will also post videos about medical facts.

And chiropractor @trishulvadi will post clips on the human body and how it works. 

Design Technology:  Dean & Borja, who run account @mytinyestate, will be uploading videos telling children how to panel kitchens, plaster and more.

User @craftfactory will tell children how to make DIY soap bars and jewels. 

Cooking: TikTok account @twistedsnaccs will be posting recipes for BBQs and ice cream.

User @ollie_eats will also teach recipes in just 60 seconds or less. 

Art: James Lewis will post short videos teaching people about the history of art and how to create their own stunning pictures. 

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