BT broadband drops to its lowest-ever price, but don’t get too excited

BT has dropped prices across its fibre broadband plans – with savings up to £72 available over the course of a 24-month contract. BT’s entry-level fibre broadband plan has dropped to its lowest-ever price. But don’t get too excited.

BT’s Fibre Essential plan now costs £26.99 a month, which is the cheapest that the telecoms giant has ever offered. While that might sound mightily impressive, BT has only dropped £1 off the monthly cost to achieve the “lowest ever price tag” title.

BT Fibre Essential boasts average speeds of 36Mb, which should be more than enough for a few FaceTime calls, streaming radio and watching on-demand content on your set-top box. After all, Netflix recommends 25Mb for Ultra HD – the highest streaming quality that it offers.

But while Fibre Essential should provide plenty of headroom when it comes to streaming music and video on your own, things might start to creak and groan pretty fast if the entire family is looking to watch their own shows, make video calls, and play online multiplayer games. And if you want to add smart light bulbs or connected home security cameras into the mix as well, we’d recommend opting for a faster fibre plan.

Luckily, BT has also cut the price of its quicker broadband with £72 of savings available. That’s a much better saving than the £24 available with the Fibre Essential plan at the moment. Dubbed BT Fibre 2, this broadband package costs £31.99 a month – down from £34.99.

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For that, you’ll get 67Mb average speed pumped straight into your home. That’s more than enough for everyone in the house to stream Netflix in Ultra HD quality on their separate devices. You’ll also be able to answer smart doorbells without a hint of stutter.

It’s worth noting that if you’re planning to treat yourself to some of the BT TV packages available, you will need speeds of at least 67Mb.


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Whatever fibre broadband plan you decide to opt for, BT allows you to add £7 a month for its BT Complete Wi-Fi guarantee, which ensures you’ll always have full signal in every room of the house. To do that, BT ships small discs to that boost the signal from the Wi-Fi router, which gets weaker as it goes throw walls, floors and ceilings.

If one Wi-Fi Disc isn’t sufficient, BT will send up to three discs free of charge. After that, if you’re still struggling to make video calls or stream music in certain dead spots in the house – BT will refund you with £100.

It’s unclear how long the latest BT deals will be around. Of course, if you’re faced with a saving of only £1 a month, that might not be a terribly daunting prospect. However, if you’re looking to upgrade to BT Fibre 2 and want to save the full £72 on offer at the moment, you might want to add it to your basket sooner rather than later.p

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