UFO sighting: Mysterious orb above secretive US military space base sparks online frenzy

A bizarre UFO recorded flying over the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) sparked a social media frenzy this week. Footage shows a white, orb-shaped craft zooming around in the air above a wooded area close to the tightly-guarded and secretive NORAD base. The anonymous witness who filmed the small flying vessel said they saw UFO “while out on a walk”.

In the footage, the eyewitness recording the encounter can be heard saying: “Where is it? What the f*** is that?”

The UFO also appears to be making a mysterious rumbling sound as it hovers and moves around the sky.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by ET Data Base, a popular channel for UFO sightings, and set off a frenzy of theories about the object.

NORAD, at the centre of multiple conspiracy theories, is designed to warn the Pentagon and the White House in the event of a nuclear attack against the US.

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The base is located inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was built to withstand a nuclear blast, with a bunker system situated 610 meters under the mountain, sealed off by massive concrete and steel blast doors.

Scott C Waring, who runs ET Data Base, wrote: “Here is a great example of a white cloud orb flying low in a cloudless sky.

“The orb has no way of hiding and is easily seen moving above the trees.

“The eyewitness states that a NORAD military station is nearby, but from what I have heard, NORAD is used to ignoring UFOs on the radar.

“These orbs are white when they are 30 meters or further away from you, but when they are 2 meters from you they have a pearlescent surface that moves ever so slowly.”

The video, titled “Orb over NORAD military installation Colorado Springs, Colorado, UFO Sighting News. MUFON Report,” has recorded at least 2,538 views since its upload on May 22. 

In the comments on the video, one viewer questioned the origin of the “weird sound” in the background of the clip.


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Another said the UFO resembled the “tic-tac” shaped object seen in the famous 2004 sighting of UFO by US Navy F/A-18s.

One alien enthusiast remarked that the flying object could be the result of new technology found from a crashed UFO.

A sceptic said: “Logically I would say it was a plane or helicopter but it looks round and white and the fact that it’s near a military base does make me think. A good sighting.”

In the final few seconds of the video, the orb appears to flicker before disappearing behind the trees.

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