Britain to look to allies to find 5G alternatives to Huawei: minister

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will look to international allies to develop alternatives to Huawei to use in developing its 5G network, digital minister Nicky Morgan said on Wednesday.

Britain granted Huawei a limited role in Britain’s 5G mobile network last week, frustrating a global attempt by the United States to exclude the Chinese telecoms giant from the West’s next-generation communications.

“We are very determined… that another provider of 5G equipment is needed in order to provide that resilience to our very important 5G network,” Morgan told reporters after a speech in London.

“It may well be we have to work with our international allies as well to make sure we either get another provider who’s operating elsewhere to operate in the UK, or potentially to perhaps have another company that’s able to offer that equipment so that we are able to have that resilience in our system.”

(Reporting by Elizabeth Howcroft, writing by Alistair Smout, editing by Andrew MacAskill)